#15 — The relationship between Habits and Hawker Trays

Laws govern and have a huge influence on people habits.

For example: If one doesn't return their used cutlery to tray returns stations, they will be issued monetary fines.

The 4th Law of Behaviour change states that to prevent bad habits, one way is is to make it extremely unsatisfying.

How about choices you make for yourself on a daily basis?

Would having your actions/intentions publicly known aid in motivating you to move towards your desired behaviour?

Personally, I started off this series of posts to build a habit of doing book summaries as I hope to get my engines going in the upcoming school term.

Strangely, this “invisible contract” made me reflect on every single chapter and prompted me to continue showing up every single day (I missed last night though).

To reinforce future habit formation, the book recommends an accountability partner which will definitely be something I’ll work on.

On a personal note, do support local hawkers and return your trays not because of the “punishment” but because we can all be more considerate for one and another (:

Photo by Joshua Tsu on Unsplash